Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Second Draft Of Givens & Druthers


Aisle Width

Preferred: 36”
Okay: 30”
Minimum: 24”

Benchwork Width

Preferred: 24”
Okay: 18”
Minimum: 6”

Deck Height From Floor

Minimum: 50”
Maximum: 70”

Minimum Radius

Mainline: 36”
Branch Line: 30”
Sidings: 24”


Mainline: 1 in 60
Branch Line: 1 in 40

Turnout Frogs

Main Line: No. 8
Branch Line: No. 6
Sidings: No. 6

Multi-Track Spacing

Standard: 2”
Curves: 2¼”

Track Over Track Spacing

Railhead To Railhead: 3½”

Track Distance From Edge

Front Edge: 1¼”
Back Edge (Back-Drop): 2”

Train Length

Measured In S Trucks: 60 S Trucks (18 Feet)


Operate Using A Timetable.
Staging Sufficient To Operate An Entire 24-Hour Day.
Walk-Around, Point To Point Track Plan.
Long Main Line Run.
Realistic Operation Using Signal & Telegraph, Staff & Ticket.
Digital Command Control Wireless Throttles.
Reverse-Loop Staging For Main Staging Yards, Stub Yards For Elsewhere.
A Continuous Run For Testing Locomotives.
Minimum Deck Seperations Of 12”.
Layout To Be Able To Be Operated By One Person.


Room Esthetics

Carpeted Floors
Painted Walls
No Exposed Wires
Bright And Even Lighting (Shadow Box)
Curtain, Fascia & Valance

Design Philosophy

At Least 25 Feet Between Towns
Minimum Hidden Trackage
Minimum Number Of Turnback Blobs
No Duck-Unders, Nod-Unders Are Okay
Exceed 30” Minimum Radius Wherever Possible