Thursday, December 11, 2008

Designing & Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads

The Above Is A Book By Tony Koester Of MR Fame. The Book Is An Interesting Read, I Recommend It To Those About To Take On The Challenge Of Building Their First Multi-Deck Railway. I Was Reading It The Other Night And In Chapter Two Tony Is Talking To A Friend About His RR Design And The Friend Makes A Suggestion About Having Drivers Complete A Shift From Loco Depot To Loco Depot. Tony Really Liked The Idea And So Do I, I Think It Would Give Operators A Great Sense Of Operating A Real Railway If They Sign On At A Depot And Have Roster Of Trains To Run, Rather Than Picking Up A Train In Staging And Running It To Staging. The Great Thing About The Gwabegar Line Is That On The Section From Wallerawang To Mudgee There Were A Lot Of Trains Which Sole Purpose Was To Go To A Particular Station Or Mine Etc. Terminate And Return To Sydney. A Feature I Would Love To Include On My Railway. For Those Looking At Building A Multi Deck Railway Or Any Railway For That Fact Another Great Source Is Joe Fugate's DVD's.

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