Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Givens & Druthers

This Is The First Draft Of My Givens & Druthers.


  • Minimum Radius: 750mm.
  • Maximum Gradient: 1 in 40.
  • Minimum Turnout Radius: No.6.
  • Minimum Height From Floor: 1225mm.

Fleet Numbers Are Limited To The Following:

  • 20 Locomotives.
  • 200 Pieces Of Freight Rollingstock & Departmental Vehicles.
  • 10 Piece Of Passenger Rollingstock Including Railmotors.


  • An Accurate Representation Of The Gwabegar Line Between 1967-1973.
  • Accomodation For Prototypical Length Trains In Crossing Loops And Staging.
  • Shadowbox Design To Showcase The Scenery And Trains.
  • Interlocked Signals & Points.
  • Prototypical Safeworking Procedures.
  • Track & Rollingstock Built Using Proto:87 Standards.
  • Timetable To Be As Close To Prototype As Possible.
  • Double Deck To Maximise Space.
  • No Climb-Unders, Nod-Unders Are Fine.
  • Use Available Space Efficently.
  • Room Must Be Fully Finished Before Layout Can Commence (Painted Walls, Carpet & Lighting).
  • Room Must Be Climate Controlled To Reduce The Effects Of Expansion & Contraction.
  • At Least One Branch.
  • 4-5 Stations On The 'Mainline'.
  • Staging Will Be In The Form Of 5 Track Reverse Loops.
  • Must Be Of Linear Design.

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