Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Layout At A Glance

The Layout As Proposed So Far. This Post Will Be Added To As More Is Known.

Layout At A Glance:

Scale: HO (1.87.1).
Size: Not Determined Yet.
Prototype: State Rail Authority Of NSW.
Era: 1979-1983.
Height: 1350mm-1625mm.


Mainline & Loops: Micro-Engineering Code 70 Flex-Track.
Sidings & Branches: Micro-Engineering Code 55 Flex-Track.
Turnouts: 1:6, Scratch-Built To Proto:87 Standards.
Minimum Radius: 900mm.
Maximum Gradient: 1 in 40.

Control System:

DCC Wireless Throttles.
Track Power Electrically Interlocked With Signals & Points. 
Points Contolled By Tortoise Slow-Motion Points Motors.


Hard-Shell Using Cardboard Strips Covered In PVA Soaked Paper Towels.
Trees Supplied By Track-Side Trees.

General Notes:

Typical Trains That Will Be Modelled Are Block Coal, Cement, Ore & Wheat As Well As Passenger And General Freight.


As You Can See My Design Preferences Have Changed, After Reading A Few Books With Eye-Catching Photos I Decided To Move The Era Forward Almost 20 Years To The Late 1970's, Early 1980's. I Have Also Decided To Build This Layout And The Rollingstock To Proto:87 Track & Wheel Standards

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